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The Best Project Office

Coresbond was established in early 2021 by Kimmo Nurminen and Mikko Helminen. We have often faced a challenge where the clients have struggled with managing supply chains with multiple suppliers. Often the responsibilities of the different parties were unclear and the profitability suffered because the supply chain management took time and resources, which did not directly benefit the core business. We want to offer you our knowledge so you can increase your efficiency and competitiveness.

We Challenge Traditional Models

Improvements begin with the courage to renew. We are challenging the traditional models to operate and although we are not rejecting “tried and tested” methods we are renewing them through digitalisation.

Complete Flexible Solutions

Coresbond’s operations are based on commercialised solutions that are tailored to your requirements, from which we achieve the optimum delivery of those requirements. With flexible solutions, we can assist you in projects of all sizes and phases. When you choose to collaborate with us our extensive network is at your disposal. Our network guarantees you the best solution for your requirements. Coresbond’s operational model saves costs and allows a quicker delivery. You do not need to worry about the delivery, we at Coresbond handle that for you.

“The entire supply chain management is with one party. The client does not need to worry about correspondence between different suppliers or scattered liabilities. The client always knows who is responsible for the delivery, and that is Coresbond“. – Coresbond

Success Together with Us

Our goal is to be the best project management office in Finland for the manufacturing industry. In order to achieve this goal we aim for solutions that will improve your business. This “grab the money and run” policy is not our way of operating, instead we dare to challenge and advise you. Through our extensive network and our own expertise, we will find the right solution for your requirements, thus achieving a “win-win” solution together.

Our solutions
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Our Purpose

To improve the competitiveness of our business customers.

We combine the best human expertise with the best technology solutions. Our vision is to be the best project office in Finland for the manufacturing industry.

We are here for you. Our mission is to secure the success of your project.

Our values

Honesty and Trust

We communicate openly both internally and externally. We give and receive constructive feedback. We don’t hesitate to articulate challenges, and do our best to improve ourselves. We stick to what was agreed and take responsibility for our actions.

Caring for People

We encourage people to move forward by offering challenging tasks and possibilities for growth along with their solutions. We support the overall wellbeing of our employees and want to bring out the strengths in each individual.

Mutual Respect

We behave in a dignified manner towards each other, respecting each other’s uniqueness. We don’t judge people by their mistakes, but try to find ways to avoid mistakes together. With us, employees should feel they are part of a community.


Safety is the first priority in everything we do. We never compromise on safety.


Who We Are

Mikko Helminen Coresbond

Mikko Helminen linkedin icon
Sales & Projects

I am a professional in technology, leadership and sales. I have gained experience through working as a Mechanic, Product Designer and Project Manager. For the last few years I have focused on business development and leading a team of experts. I offer 20 years of experience in different technology industry positions. Get in touch, and together we’ll find the best solution to take your business to the next level.

+358 50 555 1359

Kimmo Nurminen Coresbond

Kimmo Nurminen linkedin icon
Sales & Business development
Chairman of the board

My professional skills have developed in global work environments and in different industries. My strength lies in developing business, services and technology. As a person, I am open and solution-oriented. I can easily understand large entities and find what is relevant in them. I am happy to discuss your business needs with you – together we are stronger.

+358 50 526 3731

Johanna Syrjämäki linkedin icon
Project manager

As a safety expert, I have good understanding of standards and regulations. I have experience in machine safety assessments required for CE marking, such as risk assessments, compliance checks and functional safety evaluations. My strength is a systematic way of working, and I’m eager to learn new things. Let’s connect, and make the world a safer place together!

+358 44 278 7440

Ismo Aaltonen linkedin icon
Project manager

I’ve gained my experience mainly in the machinery and technology industry, where I’ve worked as project and engineering manager and in line management. My strengths are especially around the fields of R&D, manufacturing and testing. I’m interested in development and continuous improvement, and I’m also skilled at networking. If we don’t know each other yet, let’s connect!


Johanna Ahlsten-Roimela

Johanna Ahlsten-Roimela linkedin icon
People & Communications
Happiness lead

I’m a solution-oriented People professional with great interest in well being at work, and as a whole. With my +20 years of experience on different levels of communication, project/service management as well as people management, I navigate smoothly between business and people.  My mission is to empower others, and make sure that all kinds of projects, organizations and people are safe in my hands and thrive in my care. I’m always happy to help you!

+358 40 594 6246